5 Reasons Why You Should Be on Social Media

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

July 7, 2020

You may be wondering why social media is important in marketing your product and business, and you aren’t the only one! We’ve created a list of 5 reasons why you should use social media to promote your business, and start now.

1. There are billions of people who are active on social networks everyday

As we know, Facebook is a common social network that many use, and over the years, Instagram has increasingly become more and more common. Exactly how many people are on these platforms? As of 2020, Facebook is the largest social network in the world with over 2.6 billion active users monthly, and Instagram ranks as the second most popular traditional social network at 1 billion active users. The numbers state it all, many people (local & around the world) use social media. It is one way to stay connected and informed on new happenings, whether it be with friends and family, or your favourite business.

2. It is a cost -effective way to do marketing for your business.

Joining social networks such as Facebook and Instagram is just one major way to stay connected with your loyal guests, AND it’s free! Once your business is online, it can be as simple as posting regularly to create engagement with your guests/ audience. Doing this reminds your guests about your products, and entices them- increasing your chance of a sale.

* For instance, a strong online presence combined with Instagram’s online “Shops” are a sure way to drive new sales, as it was reported over “130 million Instagram users tap on shopping posts every month.”

3. It is a great resource for your business

Each social platform has its unique strengths, and utilizing their full potential can be a fantastic source of resources for your business needs.

  • Facebook is a popular platform for staying connected with the community. On Facebook, you can meet local, like-minded business professionals and gain from an exchange of experiences and resources by joining local business and community groups. Staying active in these groups will help you create relationships that extend your network and access to valuable resources that you can leverage to grow your business, and customer base.

  • Utilizing Instagram’s location tags can help you determine local trends, while hashtags specific to your business and product allow you to discover your competitors as well. Determining what kind of trends are emerging and gauging its popularity, can help your business stay ahead and set your goals to align with consumer needs.

4. Having a great presence online can do wonders for your brand and reputation.

  • Strengthening your brand The more a person sees your business, it strengthens your brand recognition. When the need arises, people will remember your business or product, or even recommend it to others since they have a sense of connection or insight.

  • Customer Service & Damage Control Nowadays, many people are now going online to websites such as Google and Facebook to write their reviews, good and bad. Staying connected with your guests is key, and a reply to a good review will solidify a sense of great customer service and company values. On the other hand, letting bad reviews go unnoticed is bad business practice, and not handling it promptly and professionally can turn your reputable business, into a not-so-reputable business through word of mouth.

Having a strong and positive online presence can allow you to access new customers that you may otherwise not have had access to. By staying in touch with your community you can create a connection that allows your business to feel trustworthy and familiar. This increases your business exposure as many people go to Facebook and Instagram to search for a product or business and desirable and trustworthy product or business can further gain you new business through recommendations in your community.

5 . Attract new guests

Many people go to Facebook and Instagram to search for products/ businesses to suit their needs. Having a strong, genuine online presence can get you noticed, and allow you to access new customers that you may otherwise not have had access to.

Being online helps to increase the potential of an identifiable brand which can mean all the difference when your business is compared alongside direct competitors.

And that's it! These are only a few reasons how utilizing social media can boost your business potential. Don't hesitate to reach out to our team for a free consultation for our social media and digital media development services, or for any help & tips! We are here for you.

Until next time, Stay Connected, Stay Social

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